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Adding Factory Oil Cooler To My NC1 Miata

To start with, I bought my Miata in order to attend track days. During track days, oil temperatures are more important than coolant temperatures. Just like coolant temperatures, oil can reach critical temperature. This can cause catastrophic engine failure if left to happen too long or too often. For this reason, I have chosen to install the water to oil oil cooler setup. In order to ensure engine reliability without introducing excessive complexity.

The oil cooler on the NCEC MX5 was only available on the manual transmission versions from 2009-2015 when they ended production. My Miata is a 2007 5-Speed Manual Sport and was not originally equipped with an engine oil cooler.

I started by gathering part numbers for all of the factory equipment components. Kits were available from Good-Win Racing (whom I highly recommend ), but I prefer to see if I can find things a bit cheaper. If you are interested in Good-Win Racing kit, click here, it's $279 plus shipping.

I managed to find a good deal on the oil filter housing which holds the oil cooler. The rest of the parts I found from the Mazda dealer cheap through ebay. The entire setup consists of:

  1. 2 hoses that re-route the heater through the oil cooler. Mazda Part Numbers LFE 3-15-54yb & LFE 2-15-536b

  2. Gasket from the oil filter housing to the block Mazda Part Number LF02-14-342 Buy It Here from Amazon

  3. Oil Cooler Mazda Part Number LF6W14700A (Oil cooler has a built in gasket, which can be purchased separately if needed) Buy It Here From Amazon

  4. 1 oil cooler bolt Mazda Part Number LF9V-14-789 Buy It Here From Amazon

  5. Oil Filter Housing LFE2-14-0311B

The installation of all components took a couple of hours and was not hard when the vehicle is placed on a lift. All of the bolts and clamps can be reached with minimal fuss. Some from the top, and others from the bottom. I installed a new oil filter, which will be the same size as before the cooler install.

Once installed, the cooling system is topped off and the engine ran with the heater on high in order to ensure no air remains in system. Engine oil is topped off due to some loss, and the area cleaned and buttoned up.

-Anthony Lleras

Disclosure: I purchased all these items with my own money and the company had no prior knowledge to this promotion.

*I make a commission on any purchase you make through my amazon links.

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