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the 1987 Toyota Corolla FX16

Originally, I was looking for a Mazda 323 on Craigslist, looking specifically for a car I could use for Autocross. I found a 1987 Toyota Corolla FX16 in Spring, Texas in May of 2016. No more than a 45 minute drive from my current location in Houston, Texas. I purchased the FX16 for $500, body, no engine with an automatic transmission.

I purchased an engine in July of 2016 on eBay for $950 shipped. 3SGE, generation 3. Rated at 180 brake horsepower. Non-turbo, came with a 5 speed limited slip transmission. Running a Megasquirt engine management.

Fitted an 88 Celica turbo radiator (the non-turbo one can also be used but it is thinner) and a shifter. Clutch pedal assembly from a 96 Corolla, pulled it from a local junk yard. Techno toy tuning rear camber plates, Koni rear struts, KYB front struts, universal adjustable springs for all four corners.

Hit my budget of $5000 for everything, including purchase of the car.


Photo at MSR Houston, Track Attack Labor Day Weekend 2018.

Disclosure: I purchased all these items with my own money and the company had no prior knowledge to this promotion.


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